Why choose a manual sweeper?

Working principle

The manual sweeper does not have any power source and is entirely driven and controlled by human power. The sweeping operation is performed through the rotation of the roller brush and the side brush. The price of hand-push unpowered sweepers is relatively low compared to hand-push electric sweepers. Consumables include main brush and side brush, maintenance is very convenient.

Applicable place

1, Concrete floor, asphalt floor, corundum, epoxy floor, wear-resistant floor, plastic track, etc.
2, Factory, property community, sanitation street, mechanical workshop, warehouse, square, building materials factory and other places.
3, Industrial waste such as leaves, sand, small stones, sawdust, iron filings, powder, and dust.

  • No power, maintenance-free, green
  • Laborsaving/cleaning effect is good
  • Durable / reduced cost of use
  • Safe to use / Easy to store and fold, foldable

Manual sweeper is a clean sanitation worker and uses cleaning tools. Convenient operation, no maintenance, low use cost, good cleaning effect, higher efficiency, environmental protection, and no need of any electric power, you can easily recycle the rubbish to the bin simply by walking. The cleaning efficiency is 4-6 times that of the traditional manual broom.

Manual sweeper works extremely efficiently

Low cost of use The use of hand-push, unpowered sweepers is far more costly than hiring a cleaner. The workload of a hand-push, unpowered sweeper is equivalent to the workload of five cleaners, assuming a clean A day’s salary is 100, then 5 is 500, and having a hand-held sweeper is free.

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The manual sweeper is a very cost-effective cleaning device, and the wearing parts are replaced once a year, so it’s almost worthwhile to use hand-push, unpowered sweepers to clean the house.

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