The unique shape is easy to attract the attention of passers-by, and it can also make children fall in love with drinking water. You can enjoy coffee, tea, wine and quality juices. Suitable for indoor and outdoor, such as family, party, travel, sports and beach.
Do not put water or drinks above 70°C into children’s water bottles to avoid scalding. Please wash with warm water (below 70?) before using for the first time. Do not use a microwave oven for heating, do not use boiling water for steaming. Do not use hard brushes or steel balls to avoid scratching the product.
360° leak-proof design, safe unlocking and one-key opening of the lid, under normal use, the water in the pot will not overflow.
Use safe and healthy food-grade plastics, which can be used for drinking water, juice, and tea. Easy to clean, drop-proof, reusable and durable.