How to use snow shovel?

The best time to shovel snow: Snow thickness 2-3 cm

When the snow just stopped, the snow was softest and it had not yet frozen. This is the best time to shovel snow. When you picked the right time, it was much easier to clear the snow. Every two to three centimeters of snow, people should go out and remove it. If you run into snowstorms, you can go out for a few minutes every hour. Frequent shoveling snow makes your work easier every time.

Snow shoveling correct posture

Facing to the snow, the distance between the feet is kept one after the other. Use your leg muscles as your toes push the snow shovel forward. The knees are slightly bent, the backs are straight, and when the snow shovels up, use the legs instead of the back. If you want to throw away the accumulated snow, you should walk instead of turning your body. Every muscle and every joint in the body should be well cared for, and they can work for us longer.

  • The best time to shovel snow: Do not wait until the snow has accumulated too high before shoveling snow.
  • Action essentials: use the muscles on your legs instead of the strength of your back.
  • Best shoveling order: high to low.
  • Warm up before shoveling snow.
  • Don’t throw snow over your shoulder.
  • Interval breaks are important.

Before shoveling snow, sprinkle some salt on the snow, which is very useful, especially when the snow has solidified into ice. If it’s ice, it’s very slippery and dangerous. The effect of salt is to avoid slipping. Of course, just avoid it, because it’s impossible to spread too much salt. So if it’s ice, you have to be very careful.

The shovel should be suitable.

The tools to shovel snow need to be designed to be curved so that your back is very straight and you can avoid back injuries. Of course this is long enough to avoid the need to bend too much. Of course, you can find the one that has the function of pushing snow. If the snow is thicker, it can have a good effect on the new snow.

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Shoveling snow is a kind of exercise. It is a kind of exercise.
Shoveling snow needs to be there to help, avoiding the operator too tired.
Stop if you feel uncomfortable.

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