How to choose the best snow blower?

The choice of snow blower

In the winter, snow blowers are used in a wide range of applications. You can choose the style which you need based on your work location, snow clearance area and snow thickness. If you work in a large area in the suburbs, you can choose to manual & electrical snow blower with working width 40”(102cm). On the contrary, you can choose to manual start or the smaller width snow blower.

Double chain friction wheel drive snow sweeper is suits for clean thin snow

  • More durable than drive disc system
  • Speed up to 6.6km/h
  • Removal snow clear
  • Brush can be adjustable 25 degree (left or right)

This is a practical and durable snow sweeper, choose domestic well-known brand LONCIN snow engine, 212 cc, working width 41.7”(106 cm), the brush diameter 15″ (38 cm), clean the snow is very easy when snow thickness below 6”(15cm), clean it up only once, speed 1.1-6.6 km/h, transmission model with double chain friction wheel drive is durable, it is the best choice for winter snow sweeper.

This is hot snow sweeper in 2015.

212cc LONCIN or ZONGSHEN snow engine 7hp, working width up to 42”(106cm), brush with steel wire, durable wear-resisting.

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