Function and scope of snowplow

Snowplow characteristics

  1. Snow push, snow removal, ice blowing, flexible operation, high efficiency, hardness, snow blower brand, good durability and corrosion resistance.
  2. The trolley method is used as an auxiliary tool of the snow removal shovel, and the angle of the snow shovel can be adjusted at a convenient and flexible angle, which is convenient and labor-saving.
  3. Equipped with two flexible rubber wheels and snowplow, light operation intensity.
  4. Folding and easy storage, 3D snow removal is fast and easy. Artificial snow shovel is commonly used in society.

Materials and their ingredients

The material of the snowplow is made of galvanized iron (stainless steel), drilled with 5 holes, and the height of the snow shovel can be adjusted freely. Noise, snow removal dimensions (length x width x thickness): 740 x 460 x 1.5 mm.

Snow removal principle of snowplow equipment

Snow removal equipment can be used to remove snow and other road debris, which greatly promotes the maintenance work of road management teams. Save both manpower and material resources. So, how does snow removal equipment achieve snow removal? Let’s look at the simple snow removal principle of snow removal equipment. Let’s take a look.

(1) The snow accumulating device is used to collect snow, mainly using a snow shovel or auger.

(2) The snow throwing device throws the collected snow to the side of the road. The main methods are snow throwing impellers and blowers.

(3) The walking device is used to realize the advancement of the machine. There are two types of hand-push type and self-propelled type.

(4) The operating device mainly controls the operation and traveling direction of the equipment.

(5) The working torque is driven by the prime mover, and the power is transmitted to the working parts and the traveling system through a worm gear or a belt drive.

(6) The snow is collected into a cavity by the snow collection device, and then the snow throwing device removes the body. The centrifugal force of the snow throwing impeller throws snow at high speed. The blower uses the air flow to blow snow.

(7) Under the manual push (manual push) or prime mover drive (self-propelled), the small automatic ice and snow removal machine can continuously achieve continuous snow accumulation, effectively saving manpower and resources.

At present, snowplow equipment is widely used in construction sites, schools, residential quarters, small and medium-sized logistics warehouses, small and medium-sized garages, etc., and is well received by people.

Many large snow removal machines have their own engines and final drives. For more final drive knowledge, please pay attention here.

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